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Baroness Walsh

Baroness Walsh (AKA Lindsey Walsh) is like most artists when it comes to having to write about themselves. It’s not an easy task. The artworks should speak for themselves. In saying that, the artists audience want to know more about the person that creates the things that catches their eye.

I have known Lindsey since about 1985 when we used to bump into each other at the weekly Thursday punk club in Burnley. This could be either at the ‘Cats Whiskers’ or ‘The Angels’ as it swapped over regularly for some reason. Our topic of conversation always circled around our pet rats, as we both had them. I’ve been trying to think how this conversation ever started, but nothing comes to mind. A year or so later, she co-founded the band ‘Screeech Rock’ with Moregg Legg and others, and they quickly became very well known in the area for their insane florescent stage shows, incredible outfits and music to match. I went to many of their gigs before I left for Liverpool in 1987. Lindsey and the Screeech Rock crew took their show on the road around all the main festivals and started to work with, and support the larger festival bands such as Hawkwind, and they became involved with the ‘Mutoid Waste Company’. As I write this, I’ve realised that I don’t have enough data to continue down this path of her history, so once I’ve had another chat with her I’ll report back. I want the facts to be correct. A page from her notebook is below, she wrote this when we recently met up to talk about her work ready for Surreal Vintage. I think it says more than I can.

Baroness WalshThe other day, as I was explaining her work to someone, I called her a Surreal Humanist, and I think that encapsulates her approach to her work. It is the attention to detail, the intricate story lines that weave themselves through the golden objects, story lines that, in all likelihood, we as voyeurs to her thinking, will never know. Yet the clues are there. Clues that allow us to guess. We can write our own story by investigation.

An interesting element of her process is to work to commission. She was recently commissioned to make a framed mirror with a whole load of personal items collected, by the buyer, over many years. Lindsey organised all these bits into a story around the frame and then coloured it silver, as requested. She made a document, for the buyer, of her artistic journey while creating the final piece. If you are interested in something like that then get in touch, just keep in mind that the process could take at least 5 weeks on receipt of the trinkets. Lindsey will put the things together in her own way and give you a ‘road map’ of her thinking along with the completed artwork.



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