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Surreal Vintage Automatic

A Surreal Vintage game by: Anne Enigma

This game is simple, and is based on the Surrealists method of automatic writing mixed in with their exquisite corpse game (Also known as consequences).

Exquisite corpse was initiated as a poetry game, developing into a pictorial game as well as a mixture of the two. My interest is to make a digital version of this game, for everyone to play, utilising the technology we all have to hand, namely twitter. The simple objective is to create a living piece of writing that forms itself through interaction by the players. The # is an essential tool in this, and therefore it is important to use the correct one so I can collect all players writing.

Rules of play:

  • The game is played by an individual responding to the initial text, below in red.
  • A player must include at least two words from the initial text that started the game.
  • The writing must be automatic, meaning you should not think about what you are writing, allow a stream of consciousness to dictate the words, however ridiculous they may be.
  • A player must start their go with the: #SVautomatic at the beginning of their go.
  • The maximum characters allowed per go is 140 including the hashtag title
  • A player is encouraged to share their text on twitter, and can be done to the right, Which must include: #SVautomatic for the game to work.
  • The objective is to manifest a living poem, That builds itself when a viewer puts in the hashtag: #SVautomatic into Twitter.
  • Once you have input your comment and it has been accepted it will be added to the living automatic writing below.
  • The Twitter feed to the right will die if no new posts are made in 7 days. Please feed this creature.

The cruel sea weathered the face she held in her hands. She dropped it and opted for tea. The sun will return again she thought


3 Responses to “Surreal Vintage Automatic”

  1. #SVautomatic There was nothing better to do than cry, the lions had not roared for 100 years. The silence was menacing

  2. #SVautomatic Opt Tea Mum silence elicited several cans but nothing can persuade Terry to stop shouting at weddings.

  3. #svautomatic mum opted for two faces beside the ship that harmed the armless armies. Three Trees she said casually and they laughed #ufoha

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