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Surreal Vintage Boutique

Take a pew in our Boutique and relax. Turn up the music and we will present to you some artworks from the Surreal Vintage artists. Enjoy the spectacle.

  • Miss Enigmas United Federation of Unknown Artists, limited edition print

  • Tom of Surreal Vintage: This Is Not a Moustache

Comedy moving text

In the Surreal Vintage Boutique we follow the modern tradition of affordable artwork, and thus the price range will be from £1 and in some cases get to £3000 but most probably averaging in the region of £45.00. We want you to have Surreal art, to love, hold, cuddle and, in some cases eat.

After a very successful series of launches at Jonathan Ross’ gallery in Earls Court, London during the early part of April 2014, the artists collapsed into a heap and had a break from art exhaustion. It was a long haul to the finishing post but the shows were a unanimous success.

You can find paintings by ‘G’ (aka Gary Scholes) from a new series entitled ‘Seaside Surreal’ based on the artist’s experiences of summer holidays in Blackpool as young boy in the 70’s, influenced by seaside postcards, fairground art and tradition British comic art of the period. These paintings are soon to be available a high quality digital prints at a very affordable price, however for now G has a variety of prints in the shop.

Mad Jack presents his unusual yet very functional Tablet Tables to carefully cradle your iPad or any other tablet. Imagine sitting on your beanbag with a glass of red wine at your side browsing the internet searching for more fantastic new products from the Surreal Vintage shop! Not only this, Mad Jack is working on a unique surreal entertainment portal for your table so you can listen to sounds and watch video directly linked to the table you own. Also under way is a new range of ‘RoboTables’ that take the tablet table concept to a new level! Watch this space

Miss Enigma (aka Katie Keple) designed 2 new limited edition prints from her United Federation of Human Activity (UFOHA) range especially for the Surreal Vintage Launch:the United Federation of Surrealists and United Federation of Dadists. Also included in the shop you will find her inaugural UFOHA print and the beautiful United Federation of Unknown Artists print.

Moregg Legg presents you with a variety of work that includes beautiful ceramic broaches from her Surreal Corpse range as well as large acrylic painted prints entitled ‘Exquisite Punk’

Finally from the stable of Surreal Vintage artists is Tom with his ‘This Is Not A Moustache’ print as well as a new range of cushions that mimic the rubber whoopee cushions from the local trick shop!

So, all in all, things are hotting up here at Surreal Vintage… the website is slowly filling up with affordable art for your goodie bag! We are now looking into having another show somewhere in the UK and will inform you as soon as we know where and when.


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