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Cherry B

Cherry B Sculpture 'Cherry' front viewI met Cherry B while investigating 3D wood routing for some of my own work. After a brief search on the internet I came across an image of the large ‘boob’ (the common term she uses for it,and we here at Surreal Vintage Headquarters now use)  So, I got in touch.

On meeting her I realised that I was talking to someone with a surreal liberty, a sense of freedom in the reality she inhabits. What I mean is, that Cherry B, without flinching or any sign of embarrassment, talked about the artwork freely, fully recognising that we were both standing next to a huge exact replica of her breast. This was my first experience of anything like this. I wondered how I would feel about some of my body parts blown up to that size for the world to see. I entered a surreal reverie as we talked.

I found the experience refreshing, She said things I have often considered myself (I will go into more detail about the experience as part of the Daily Diary on the Surreal Surfer site). So, without hesitation, I invited her to be part of Surreal Vintage, how could I not.

For me, as an enforced voyeur, I see the Boob as a way for Cherry to reveal something very personal, to show the world a part of herself, on her own terms. Its not the mass media representation of the female breast to market and advertise a product or magazine, its a recognition and ownership of ones own body. Its an escape from the enforced boundaries of the mediation and, in many cases, the abuse of the feminine form for advertising. She has not made it to shock, to titillate (excuse the pun) but purely because she wants to, she want to express the gentle, the soft, the kind and she has done it through the thing most of us as newborns feed. For me its actually not just about the boob, that is just a visual doorway into her thinking, her liberation, and that for me is surreal.

Cherry B Artworks

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