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The lights have been dimmed for your viewing pleasure.

Our first film in the cinema, for your delectation, was one of many discovered in 1984 by G and Mad (known as the Lumiere Brothers at that time) in a hidden attic room in the old, and often haunted,  Victorian art college of Burnley. Originally formatted on 35mm film, we decided that it should be converted to digital and shared with the world. Its meaning is lost, the title most probably a clue…. So please, sit back, kick off your slippers, put down that rusty old pipe and mellow into:

The Piano Tuner (1917. Director: unknown)


Advert Break:

Thanks to The Piano Tuner, you should now be in a fully relaxed state, your conscious mind  opened and your subconscious mind ready to devour the contents of the following advert, have £4.00 ready:


Art Vendor Advert (2014. Director: Mad)


At every Surreal Vintage exhibition we introduce to our audience ‘The Chair.’

The chair was discovered by Mad and Moregg while investigating some old derelict mental asylum somewhere. The power upon its sitters is frightening, yet pleasing, and we have used it to photograph our visitors for many years.  The following film was found underneath the chair on the same day the chair was found in the very same place, yet underneath it.

The Chair (2014. Director: Unknown)


Introducing the Hairy Vicar performing his first gig in the Bell Room at the Landmark Arts centre in Teddington.

The Bell Room (2014. Director: Mad Jack)

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