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Incident at the Sea View Guest House ©GScholes‘I like to paint the things I see when I’m not looking.

G (aka Gary Scholes) is a mixed media visual artist based in London. Since graduating from Maidstone College of Art, where he studied Fine Art Printmaking, he has exhibited his dreamscape paintings and digital prints in a number of groups shows in the UK. A strong feature of Gary’s work is the surreal juxtaposition of dream imagery, personal symbolism and the British landscape. His recent series of paintings are an attempt to illustrate how images from his subconscious invade the natural features of the countryside and coastal areas of England.


The inspiration for Gary’s recent collection of digital prints entitled ‘Achtung Mindfield’ comes from a fascination with the visual culture of his childhood including military-themed comics, films, books and toys.

‘Whenever I enter a field or walk down a country lane I am in awe of the views and conscious of the calming effects of the natural landscape. But, before too long, the view before me begins to change and I see figures in the bushes, shapes in the ground and the sky filling with flying objects. My mind becomes overstimulated and images from my subconscious invade the vista. I am no longer at peace…I am at war.’

For Surreal Vintage, G has produced a group of paintings entitled ‘Seaside Surreal’ ­ based on his experiences, as a boy, of too many holidays in Blackpool in the 1970’s.

Viewers can expect to see a heady mix of postcard gargoyle characters, garish retro colours, cryptic dream symbolism and Sixties surreal smut.

© Surreal Vintage 1917