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Moregg Legg

Moregg Legg Ceramic.Moregg is another artist that freezes when you ask her to write or talk about herself or her work. So, surreptitiously, I decided to talk to her about the things she creates while secretly jotting down what she said. I did eventually tell her that I’d done this once the ‘interview’ was complete.

The first thing she said, that encompassed all the artwork she has made over the years, was ‘Misfits and Madness’ and this subtitle has been her creative inspiration. She feels she has always been a misfit and therefore always hung out and worked with other misfits. Its standard for artists to feel that they are a little unusual in comparison to the representation of ‘normal’ society. With further interrogation, she reworded her her interpretation of herself from being a misfit to being eccentric, which, if you know Moregg, clearly fits the bill. She is a character and accepts her eccentricities as part of her core being, and relishes the fact.

As for most of us here on Surreal Vintage, we all share a heritage of being around and active during the Punk era, and for Moregg she sees it as being the birthplace of her creative self. Punk, she tells me, was a place that allowed many artists and musicians freedom of expression, allowed and encouraged madness and creative output without the limitations of audio visual precision that so much dominated the cultural world in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Punk allowed for theatrics for everyone that wanted to be part of it, no one was excluded. If you couldn’t play a guitar but desperately wanted to, then just ‘Do It.’ You can learn while playing to your pogo’ing audience! Punk was liberation from the constraints of the normal.

This spirit led Moregg to hang out and work with like minds in Lancashire. Soon, along with Baroness Walsh (AKA Lindsey Walsh) Moregg initiated a band known as Screeech Rock, A hyperactive fluorescent technicolor punk band with a twist. From a viewers perspective, and I saw a lot of their gigs, they were magnificent in their madness. Everything was considered. The music excellent, and the stage show manic and irreverent. They pulled together good musicians and wanted to entertain, live. In fact they were a live band. You had to see it to believe it. (There are whispers that some of the members of Screeech Rock are going to rebirth as the Chicken Ladies… hold your breath, its going to be mental)

One of the keys aspects of Screech Rock, as I’ve mentioned, was the outfits and stage dressing. They all made their own clothes and stage props and for Moregg it was here that she cut her teeth and developed her artistic style that would soon be developed into her ceramic artworks. The large ceramic head you see on this page is one of many that Moregg has created. She tells me that ever since she has been able to draw she has drawn ‘mad heads’ as a way to further express her sense of oddness, of being a little bit weird. Although, in the image, you can’t see the full head dress that goes onto it, usually it is covered in small ceramic items that represent the thoughts and feelings that she has about reality and her place in it. As if thoughts bursting from her mind, through the crown. Her interior world expressed, quite literally through her artwork. Everyone who see’s these heads in the flesh (as it were) falls in love with them. They are very striking.

Many years ago I went to Egypt to investigate the sculptural work over there and Moreggs ceramic heads are very reminiscent of the Egyptian heads that I saw there. Unfortunately, these heads are not for sale. She has 2 left (she has made many over the years) and they are hers. They are trophy’s of her creative output, they are reminders for herself of who she is and where she, as a creative, came from. She also tells me that she would consider making more if someone was interested, but these things take a long time to produce; six to eight months, but if you want one, let me know. You can see a lot of her smaller work in the Boutique and she tells me that new larger ceramic work is under way.

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